Remove Bias

Profile Candidate Suitability

Prove Good Conduct

Opus AI shows hiring managers candidate qualifications, while hiding their identity. This makes it impossible for bias to creep into the screening process.

Candidates can flesh out a masked profile by uploading their resume and answering a few questions. Opus AI uses machine learning to complete the profile.

Opus AI logs all activities with a candidate, creating a body of proof that the candidate was handled properly while being screened.

Anonymous Profiling of Candidates
Opus AI uses machine learning and asks simple interview-style questions to profile candidates. Candidates' profiles show their qualifications, but hide their identity, making bias (conscious or unconscious) impossible.
A Firewall In Your Candidate Review Process
The Opus AI workflow divides users clearly into two groups.

Hiring Managers may review anonymized candidate profiles and make decisions about which candidates to interview and on which candidates to pass, but they may not see the candidates' identity.

Human Resources, on the other hand, may see the true identity of candidates, but they do not decide who is interviewed and who is not.
Relevant Candidate Qualifications
Opus AI profiles evaluate candidates' qualifications for specific positions. A candidate profile will show job skills, soft skills, cultural fit, personality and other qualifications as configured by the requirements for the position.

Using machine learning, Opus AI can ask questions of candidates and evaluate their answers, scan resumes, evaluate social media and so forth in order to build a complete picture of a candidate, all while redacting their personally identifying information.
Comprehensive Audit Trail
Opus AI does more than just implement a blind candidate screening program, it lets you prove it. Every action taken with a candidate is logged, showing that the candidate was properly handled as they passed from HR to hiring managers and back.

The audit trail can't be altered, making it evidence that you can use to prove proper handling of candidates within your blind candidate screening program.
Diversity Hiring Reports
Do you have a mandate in increase diversity hiring over time? Our diversity hiring report feature lets you see how your diversity hiring numbers have progressed over time. It also lets you look at the current hiring pipeline, or the aggregate pipeline over a time period up to 36 months.

With diversity hiring reports, you can show the impact of how blind candidate screening at your organization contributes to accomplishing diversity hiring goals.
Building a blind candidate screening program in your company

Studies show that one of the most effective ways you can reduce hiring bias and increase diversity hiring within an organization is to implement a blind candidate screening program. With blind candidate screening, hiring managers can't see identity data on candidates, and are unable to determine an individual candidate's gender, race, ethnic background and so forth. Decisions to interview candidates or not are made solely on their qualifications.

Opus AI automates and manages blind candidate screening, making it easy to implement for your organization.

Applicant Tracking System Integration

Most organizations use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to manage candidates. Opus AI is designed to integrate with ATS software, with its full featured API. We are building integrations with major ATS software packages, and our open API makes it possible to integrate any ATS package with Opus AI.

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