Producing Quality Candidates

If your organization has open requirements for staff, the pressure is on you to produce worthy candidates to interview. But advertised positions typically draw far more candidates than you can interview, many (or most) of whom should be screened out.

The problem is made more difficult when hiring for a specialized or technical role. Typically HR staff don't have the background to properly assess specialized or technical resumes, making them dependent on (usually very busy) hiring managers in order to screen candidates.

Opus AI fixes this problem by building hiring manager-level expertise into its automated screening platform, through the power of AI. It's like having an infinite number of expert hiring managers screen candidates for you.

But We Already Have An ATS!

Most organizations already use an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) or a full-blown HCM (Human Capital Management) system. These systems are probably not going anywhere, so new technology has to work with them.

The good news is that Opus AI is designed to be compatable and work with your existing ATS or HCM system. We are hard at work building new integrations with existing commercial systems, and most of the Opus AI functionality can be accessed via its APIs, meaning they can be integrated into any ATS/HCM system, even those that have been custom built.

Fine Tuning Candidate Requirements

Unlike a CV, which just touts a candidates qualifications in general, Opus AI candidate profiles indicate how suited they are to your specific requirements - either for a specific position or for a candidate pool.

Opus AI provides you powerful tools to fine tune candidate requirements. A selection of requirement types offered are: Job Skills, Soft Skills, Education, Candidate Location, Questionnaires, Personality Assessement, and Culture Fit/Add.

Candidate Pools

Sometimes you want to pre-qualify candidates – not for a specific open position, but to be part of a group that you can tap at a later time. To serve this need, Opus AI provides Candidate Pools.

You can attach requirements and scout candidates for Candidate Pools just like open positions. Qualified candidates can be added to the pool for review.

Later, if you want, you can set up open positions to automatically scout candidate from the candidate pool, providing an automated stream of pre-qualified candidates for new positions.

AI-Powered Automation

With Opus AI, you can scale your candidate screening effort while retaining a high level of quality. It will integrate with the ATS/HCM system you already have, allow you to fine-tune candidate requirements, and store pre-qualified candidates in Candidate Pools for later reference.

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